We write you in a blank page.

Without fear of prejudice. Life is for the brave. For those who doesn’t grasp the expectations of others. For those who do what they like and go after what they believe.

We write you also to tell you that we miss you.

Because we are made of freedom, dreams and conquers, we spent the last times on the studio, composing new songs. The new themes are for you and about you:

For the times you said “no” instead of “yes”.
For the times you went after your dreams.
For the times you didn’t let others decide for you.
… and also for all your unconditional support over the past years.

You made Fingertips go further. Conquer new worlds. Dream bigger. And because you have inspired us during this journey, we want to take you with us. For you to be the first one to hear the new songs. Wanna join us?