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For those who consider themselves lovers of Fingertips music, 2023 promises to start in the best possible way. In 2022, the new EP “Dear Jean” marked the return to the studio after 4 years without new material – a return that included the restitution of Zé Manuel to the original role of lead singer of the band. Now, the Portuguese avant-garde pop-rock group is preparing to enter its twentieth year of career with Fingertips Live XPerience 2.0, celebrating two decades of one of the most iconic and memorable bands in the national spectrum.

Bringing together the lineup with which it all began, 2023 features not only the Fingertips that brought us the delicate and incomparable subtleties of “Picture Of My Own” and the romantic and addictive ballads of “'Cause To Love You”, but also yet to all this a new, rejuvenated and jovial facet, where songs like “Better” and “Dark Phoenix” expose an acquired taste for the electronic component and for the flammable beats and melodies where modern pop is king. Over their 20-year career, the Fingertips have had ample room to experiment with new sounds and ideas, work with some of the most influential producers like Mark Needham, and perform alongside musical icons like George Michael.


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