China: Day 3

The third and one of the most expected days has come to an end. Now, the morning sickness from nervous are over but we still have a long journey of work
and challenges, here, in Shanghai. (and that’s the magic of this trip!).

The West Bund Music Festival concert was amazing. The audience received us on such a warmly and unique atmosphere that, even 10.000 miles away from Portugal, we felt at home. The interaction with them was pretty dinamic and everytime we asked the audience to follow us, they do it. One of the most curious things that we were told about, was that the chinese public usually sit during festivals but as soon as we enter the stage and started “teasing” them, they stand up and followed our energy.

One of the moments that we remember with special tenderness was the moment when I walk by the stage extension and get throught the public, singing and opening a paper umbrulla, an iconic symbol here. The public was mad, it was amazing! We thought about it and prepare that moment to surprise them, but we got surprised back with their reaction. It was unique!

The stage was pretty big and we felt imponent by its magnitude. From West Bund we are now going to a piece of our history: wednesday, we will play on Yu Yin Tang, the first bar were we performed, two years ago. It’s always good to remember the places that somehow left a mark o us, and be back. We are pretty excited about it!

Tomorrow it’s time to get our sleep schedule back on track and do some shopping. Tuesday we will be back to this great musical adventure, and record some work, here, on a diferente studio!

See you soon!

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