China: Day 2

We are on the second day in Shanghai and it seems that we are already getting used to the amount of people, to the time schedule and even the food… although we already looking for something portuguese, but no complains about Chinese! (despite we didn’t understand what it is, it tastes really good).

After yesterday’s soundcheck we were completely astonished with the majesty of the stage. The production told us that the glacier effect is based on the idea of a cold thing, contrasting with the intense and warm moments that the festival can give to its audience. It seems that it would be amazing!

Today we spend the time reorganizing the last details of the concert, so it would be a presentation with surprises. This way, we are able to create a language that is adapted to Shanghai and, meanwhile, we think that its good for people to like us and be surprised.

Today the dinner was delicious but we came back early to the hotel because tomorrow is our big that at West Bund Festival and we have to be with our bateries recharged!

We hope that you are following us in our adventure!

See you soon!

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