China: Day 1

It has been 26 hours since we left Portugal. We were in a hurry in our scale in Dubai but despite all that, we were able to watch movies, live concerts and even get our energies back – something almost rare on the last few months. Artist’s life is always this way.

We landed in Shanghai, what a relief! We barely knew that between the airport and the hotel we had a one-hour journey ahead. The traffic was so much but we were able to look around and enjoy the view. Shanghai is really hot and full of light. It’s amazing.

The room were we staying is on the 12th floor and the view is amazing. We can see the stage were we will be performing!

Despite the amazing view, a bath and a meal were something that we were looking for really hard! The dinner was amazing but super spicy and between the “cutlery” stunts, Joana was the winner, because she was able to eat a peanut with the chopsticks!

With full belly and a few minutes to spend, we call to Portugal, but in a hurry because it was late and our next day is really important!

After this big marathon it’s time to get our time schedule to the Chinese one.

Tomorrow there’s a big day ahead!

See you soon.

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