China: Day 10

Our last day in Shanghai was dedicated to lounging, after a big night! But first we had to leave the bags ready… Shanghai it’s very beautiful, we spent amazing days here, but we’re already missing Portugal, our families and friends! Now it’s time to wait anxiously for the time to board!!!

China: Day 9

This Saturday we went for a walk in the streets of Shanghai – we visited the highest buildings in the world, we went shopping… but we still had time for our last showcase. In the end of the day we organized a dinner in our apartment that last all night long. Since it was Jo …

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China: Day 8

Today was another presentation day, and this time with concert agents. After that we had time to make an outdoor photo shoot. It’s was really nice but it started to rain and we had to stop a few times. But it was pretty funny and we had a great time. Back home, we still had …

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China: Day 7

This city doesn’t stop but, today, Shanghai gave us a quiet day. It was a special day because it was our first presentation to the media. It was another intimist evening quite an intimist because being on stage just for the media it’s quite a challenge! Once again, Jo tried to make a connection with …

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China: Day 6

Today was amazing! We got back to the place where we’ve been two years ago, for the first time in Shanghai: YuYinTang Bar. It was like travelling through time. Before that, we had another presentation to the music industry. It was really nice to meet them and show them our songs! Between the studio and …

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China: Day 5

Today was day of exercise for ones and work for another’s. While the men of “the house” had to go to the storage get the materials for the Show Cases, Jo and CC went to the gym practice a little. A little, we mean… We’re suspicious that CC is training for the Olympic Games, she …

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China: Day 4

The beggining of the week started with a “home” change. Now, we ́re not in hotel anymore, but in an apart-hotel with a very familiar ambient. We still had time to rest a little bit, but not too much, because you had to go to the supermarket so we can have some groceries for when …

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China: Day 3

The third and one of the most expected days has come to an end. Now, the morning sickness from nervous are over but we still have a long journey of work and challenges, here, in Shanghai. (and that’s the magic of this trip!). The West Bund Music Festival concert was amazing. The audience received us on …

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China: Day 2

We are on the second day in Shanghai and it seems that we are already getting used to the amount of people, to the time schedule and even the food… although we already looking for something portuguese, but no complains about Chinese! (despite we didn’t understand what it is, it tastes really good). After yesterday’s …

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China: Day 1

It has been 26 hours since we left Portugal. We were in a hurry in our scale in Dubai but despite all that, we were able to watch movies, live concerts and even get our energies back – something almost rare on the last few months. Artist’s life is always this way. We landed in …

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