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If you imagine life as a Rubik’s Cube you know that you’ll only feel complete once you’ve been able to put things into the right place. This isn’t an easy process, but the good news is that once you find the secret, you solve the whole thing.

In this particular case, Fingertips found their secret in music. That’s why they became one as a band. Their dream is to touch people’s hearts with their songs as we touch the world with our fingertips; hence the inspiration for the band’s name.

They’ve spent last few years together composing, rehearsing, writing, recording and performing on stage. They`ve enjoyed other artists’ concerts and had fun as a band. They`ve performed in Rock in Rio Lisbon, Shanghai West Bund Music Festival and Euro-gym 2012, and shared the stage with Queen and Paul Rodgers, The Corrs, George Michael, Nelly Furtado, and The Cure.

They`ve conquered other goals as well. Their song Melancholic Ballad has had nine months of #1 airplay as the soundtrack for a major TV commercial. They have a #1 single on iTunes with Do it (Magic Colors) and created the Official Song for Euro-gym 2013 (Let’s Share).

As music is their passion, they live it intensely. Growing up, they idolized & were inspired by such varied artists as David Bowie, Queen, U2, Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, and Nina Simone, but you`ll find Coldplay, Lorde, Muse, and Arctic Monkeys on their iPods too!

A few months ago, taking inspiration from these artists, from their own dreams and from the life that surrounds them, they started composing brand new songs for their next album. Firstly, they wanted to see how far voice would go with only a guitar or a piano in the background.

Let’s call it “nude”, as people do in the fashion world! It was an amazing experience that took them to a different place in the universe. After that, they added other ingredients to give the songs the right balance of passion and freedom.

Fingertips know the true meaning of having a dream. They`ve won a few battles along the way and those victories continue to feed their goals. They`ve reached out to opposite ends of the globe, from China to South America, but this is just the beginning of their new era. The US, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and France are some of the places where they will be spreading their sentiments.

Having these great adventures and experiences, discovering different cultures, travelling to various countries and meeting new people, have only one purpose… To share their brand new songs to a brand new world!



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