Brazil: Day 11

We can’t believe that is our last day here in Brazil!! Time flew between Show Cases and concerts. It has been amazing!!

Today we’re going to look for some souvenirs so we can pack everything, then – the worst part of traveling…

We are going to miss this so much!

Brazil: Day 10

Guitar here, drums there, columns yonder. So happened the day in the studio.

It was our last private Show Case before come back to Portugal and so we also had to pack up everything.

But, since it’s already dinner time and CC can’t wait much longer without eating we’re going to pick something.

See you soon!

Brazil: Day 9

Today we had our first Show Case at Rio de Janeiro.

The studio was really cool and as in São Paulo, people were very warm.

Tomorrow we will be back with more news.

See you soon!

Brazil: Day 8

Schedule for today: get our energies back! After a lot of days full of work, between São Paulo and Rio, we had time to rest a little bit. We got the chance to walk in the amazing Calçadão and taste the famous Coconut Water, on a terrace close to the sea.

But the best moment of the day was yet to come: we had dinner at a “boteco” (the brazilian expression for a kind of a tavern) were Vinicius de Morais and Tom Jobim were when they get inspired to write the famous song “Girl from Ipanema”. It was an amazing feeling!

See you soon!

Brazil: Day 7

See you soon, São Paulo; Hello, Rio de Janeiro!

Today was very exhausting, between departures and arrival.

Besides that we had our concert at Rio de Janeiro Pestana Hotel. The night couldn’t had been any better… Starting with the amazing view to the amazing public. The stage and the space were quite intimista and we had Copacabana as background.

It was magical…

See you soon!

Brazil: Day 6

Today was the last Show Case here in São Paulo.

After that we had to pack, because tomorrow is Rio de Janeiro time!

See you soon!

Brazil: Day 5

The studio where we were today for the Show Case was awesome, super musical! When we arrived we could listened to our songs, everything happened very naturally and we were received really really well.

There was so many people!! Journalists, musicians, entrepreneurs and even actors. People from different parts of Brazil that came to see us. It was very funny! Here they really know how to throw a party… They even have champagne!

We also had two interviews with Tv channels and one of the journalists gave us what they call “brigadeiro”. We’re anxious to try it!!

See you soon!

Brazil: Day 4

This was a special day…

In the afternoon we had another Show Case and at night was our first concert in the brazilian land!

The stage at Pestana Hotel, in São Paulo, welcomed us in a wonderful night and it was amazing to have the brazilian public there, such a wamrth! Of course that it was also great to have portuguese people between the crowd, watching our show.

See you soon!

Brazil: Day 3

Today was non-stop: we did a private show case and… went to ExpoMusic!

It was really crowded! Besides the people and the bands, from pop to metal, there were a lot if music instruments. Of course we went mad and stared at some of them for hours… we even lost track of time!

The night was very interesting and we even got the chance to meet a lot of people from the music industry.

See you soon!

Brazil: Day 2

Brazil with rain? No one desserve this! But we can handle it. Besides the mosquitos, we are really excited about today because we’re having our first presentation here… with Studio62!

After that we will go on with our first showcase with brands, here, in brazilian land!

Tomorrow we’ll bring you more news. And we hope you follow us in this new adventure.

See you soon!